Sadistik Exekution Fukk II

Australia’s harshest (Blood Duster’s got nothin’ on these freaks) are back with album number five on Osmose (like we asked). Putting every black metal band on the planet to shame with their incredible amount of nihilism, SE blast through eight "songs” filled with nothing but ugly noise. It’s a beautiful sound indeed, if you’re an antisocial psychopath, but any normal human will be running for the hills upon hearing five seconds of this. So what category do we as discerning metalheads fit into? Well, unfortunately, you know the answer, so allow me to say this will please anyone into the bands that Osmose releases (namely raw, old school black metal and modern war metal). It’s tiring after a couple minutes (literally), because this is really nothing but chaos, with bad production to boot. But gotta love the vibe — the total disregard for anything or anyone, and all that swearing. Let’s face it, it never gets old listening to people swear. And there’s a bit of humour floating about here, as song titles like "Arkhon the Grave Robber” and "Battered to Buggery” prove. (Osmose)