Sadies' Travis Good and Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor Team Up with Gordon Pinsent for New Album

Sadies' Travis Good and Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor Team Up with Gordon Pinsent for New Album
The Sadies have rarely backed down from a chance to collaborate with other musicians, whether it be the punks in Fucked Up, Gord Downie or John Doe, and guitarist Travis Good will continue to explore his options outside the band on a new project with Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent.

Going under the name Good, Pinsent, Keelor, the trio will release a new LP called Down and Out in Upalong, which is due out on April 10 via Warner Music/TeleSoul Records. The disc pits tunes composed by Good and Keelor with lyrics written by Pinsent, and the album will also feature the actor reading some of his poetry.

"The writing was just something that would open up for me -- whether
it's novels or screen plays or stage plays," Pinsent said in a statement. "Anytime I would finish a long writing job I'd stop and write a little lyric and use it as a sort of switch to get me out of the mood that I was in and into the mood I could be in, if I chose the lyrics carefully."

Keelor explained that Good had been contacted by filmmaker Mike Bolland while he was shooting the Pinsent biopic Still Rowdy After All These Years in 2010 to meet the actor and listen to some poetry, which Good then took to Keelor with the intention of scoring the words.

"Travis took the poems home and called me over to see if we could co-write some music to go along with them. We wrote four songs that night and liked them all -- which is strange for us -- we don't generally like anything that we write, even for ourselves," Keelor said. "It was like the songs were writing themselves. Gordon told us that we could edit the poems as we please but for the most part the meter and the mood inspired the melody and the fell of our songs."

While creative duties were handled by Good, Keelor and Pinsent, the trio are joined on the record by drummer Mike Belitsky and pianist Michael Boguski. Trumpeter Bryden Baird, meanwhile, appears on many of the album's spoken word pieces.

Down and Out in Upalong:

1. UpAlong

2. She's Gone Again

3. Desperate Thing

4. Peter Eastern

5. Let Go

6. Easy Ridge

7. Old Part Of Town

8. Super Chicken

9. Night Light

10. Seagrass

11. Shadows In The Sun

12. Seagrass (spoken word)

13. Old Part Of Town (spoken word)

14. Shadows In The Sun (spoken word)

15. Let Go (spoken word)

16. Peter Eastern (spoken word)

17. Desperate Thing (spoken word)

18. Easy Ridge (spoken word)

19. Charm (spoken word)

20. Night Light (spoken word)

21. UpAlong (spoken word)

22. She's Gone Again (spoken word)

Down And Out In Upalong (Part 1) from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.