Sable & Batalion's Grafenberg All-Stars G Marks the Spot

Jerome Sable (Bushman) and Eli Batalion (VowelMovement) are the masterminds behind theatrical stage performances Hip Hop 4 Dummeez and the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning JOB: The Hip-Hop Musical. So, it’s no surprise this Montreal duo, rhyming together since 1992, are talented and capable of telling a funny tale. Sable and Batalion G-up one of the world’s most famous streets for "Sesame Hood,” get busy with porn star "Gidget the Midget,” and issue warnings about the five-o on "The Weed Ho’s Placebos.” The lyrics are often funny, and Sable & Batalion are skilled MCs. Unfortunately, the duo’s party-friendly beats don’t always work, and occasionally come off as generic, especially with "3-3-7” and the bland R&B vocals on "Sure It’s Love” and "Lift Off,” although guest vocalist Nicole Leach redeems herself on "Feel the Hump.” They may not cause as much pleasure as the G-spot they’re named after, but Sable and Batalion are worth more than a few laughs. (Foque Dans La Tete)