S U R V I V E's 2012 Debut Album Treated to Reissue

S U R V I V E's 2012 Debut Album Treated to Reissue
As many newfound S U R V I V E fans learned the hard way, the Austin synth explorers' 2012 debut album disappeared almost immediately on vinyl as soon as Stranger Things fever broke earlier this year. Now, as good news to fans eager to own that record — and as a bad news to flippers — it's being graciously brought back to vinyl, as well as other formats.

The new reissue of S U R V I V E's self-titled debut will arrive on November 18 via Holodeck Records. It will arrive digitally, on CD, cassette and as two vinyl variants: clear and standard black. You can pre-order all those versions here.

S U R V I V E (or MNQ026 as it's at times referred to) was originally issued in 2012 by German label Mannequin Records. And though the album has been reissued a few times over the years — even as recently as 2015 — it had once again gone out of print.

A press release describes the album like this:

S U R V I V E's debut full-length marks the culmination of countless sessions recording and crafting a remarkable balance of songwriting and experimentation. The band's signature sound is a combination of vintage and modern synthesizers, recorded live and carefully processed to draw character out of every enriched sound wave before joining the mix.

Down below, you can listen to the entire album for yourself.

Of course, the debut album eventually led the band's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein to their soundtracking gig for Stranger Things, as well as the band's recently released album RR7349 on Relapse.

As previously reported, Volume 1 of Dixon and Stein's Stranger Things soundtrack is arriving on vinyl come October 28 via Lakeshore Records in North America and Invada in the UK. Volume 2, meanwhile, arrives on November 18. As of yet, the vinyl box set collecting both volumes has yet to be announced.