RZA Teams Up With System of a Down Bassist for New Collaboration

RZA Teams Up With System of a Down Bassist for New Collaboration
Photo: Chris Oliver
While his brand new Afro Samurai soundtrack is hitting shelves today, Wu-Tang rapper the RZA has yet another ambitious project to get you buzzing. This time, it's a super-group of sorts with System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadijan and two other members known as Achozen. The project, some sort of ambitious rock and hip-hop project that is apparently not in any way related to the late '90s rap-metal boom, are currently in the final stages of recording their debut album following some brief collaborations last year.

"We have a product that I can go and see if I want to do this independently or if I want to go through major distribution," Odadijan said to the Artisan News Service. "I'm not exactly sure if people are going to get the concept. It's a hip-hop concept record and right now, I don't know if the radio is ready for it. We want to help people with this. We just want to exercise brains, we really want to help kids think. It's a very positive record. It's a positive outlook on life instead of the usual negative.

"This isn't a commercial hip-hop record, you know what I mean?" he added. "It's got stories and it's an adventure. It's a musical experience." While the record has no solid release date, it has been revealed that the album will include guests the GZA, RHCP's John Frusciante and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Madar.

Achozen "Deuces" (from the Babylon AD soundtrack)