Rye Coalition Treated to Documentary Featuring Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Steve Albini

Rye Coalition Treated to Documentary Featuring Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Steve Albini
Rye Coalition: The Story of the Hard Luck 5, the new documentary on the life and times of Jersey outfit Rye Coalition, has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit this year, but we now know it will also be coming to home entertainment theatres in the new year. DVD and digital editions of the music-minded doc arrive January 13 through MVD Entertainment Group.

A press release explains that the film covers 20 years of the band's career, from scrappy teen days issuing 7-inches in the '90s on punk labels like Gern Blandsten, to the release of their 2002 breakthrough On Top, to an unsuccessful major label experience over at Dreamworks. The film balances the band's bad luck with their determination.

Director Jenni Matz's film uses old home movie footage, clips from concerts and studio sessions and more. The film also features interviews with the band members, as well as Foo Fighters pal Dave Grohl, who produced the group's intended Dreamworks debut Curses before it was shuffled off to Gern Blandsten in 2006.

Other interviewees include Melvins' Jared Warren, whose old band Karp had issued a split with Rye in the '90s; On Top engineer Steve Albini; Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme; Fucking Champs/Nation of Ulysses guitarist Tim Green; and Bratmobile's Allison Wolfe.

You'll find a trailer for the film down below, as well as a new film clip via Pitchfork. As you'll notice, the latter features both Grohl and rock-loving comedian Jack Black rather prominently.

Rye Coalition will also be playing a screening party in their native Jersey City on December 13 at WFMU Hall. You can find out more info about the upcoming show here.