Rye Wolves

Having enjoyed a decent amount of success in Canada as part of Moist, Jeff Pearce is ready to try and get some time in the spotlight. Already established as a composer for television and film, he’s got together with a couple of ex-members of Crash Kelly and recorded under the guise of Rye. He hasn’t cut all the ties to his past, still playing with former band-mate David Usher and even co-producing Usher’s hit album, Morning Orbit. And there’s one more way in which he hasn’t put the past behind him — his new band’s music isn’t that far removed from that of Moist either. Rye are a more straight-forward band than Moist ever were but rather than simply making their music more accessible, it also makes it more one dimensional and just not as interesting. It is definitely radio friendly though and will work much better in that context because the many clichés of Wolves just do not stand up to repeated listens. (Vibrahive)