Ryan Stinson "Rain" (ft. D-Sisive) (video)

Ryan Stinson 'Rain' (ft. D-Sisive) (video)
Back in 2012, Saskatoon hip-hop producer Ryan Stinson teamed up with Toronto rap hero D-Sisive to create a remix of "Rain," a track that was released on the deluxe edition of Stinson's FUTURA release. Now the song has been fit with its own moving video.

Directed by Geordie Gescha of Souldatta Productions, the clip is a bit of an emotional journey. As Stinson explains, "The visuals continue to tell the story of D-Sisive's already amazing narrative where we see the young boy and his dad in a struggling relationship that is surrounded by their love for baseball. The boy is lonely, isn't good at baseball but he loves it, and can't ever connect with his father because he is either too angry, drunk or busy watching baseball on TV."

Down below you can immerse yourself in the newly revealed visuals behind "Rain."