Ryan Garbes Announces His Sweet Hassle

Ryan Garbes Announces His <i>Sweet Hassle</i>
As a member of out-there noise group Wet Hair, Ryan Garbes is best known for droning soundscapes. Working under his own name, however, he has carved out a remarkable pop identity on recent releases for NNA Tapes and Arbor. Now, that songwriting muscle is flexed more with his proper debut solo album.
Sweet Hassle and will be released by Woodsist sub-label Hello Sunshine this spring. A press release explains that, on this record, "he incorporates heavy Velvets live bootleg vibes straight from the bedroom soundboard, with a touch of melodic electronic drone and a Byrds dusting."

Sweet Hassle will be released on LP on May 17. Keep an eye on Garbes's site for more information as it becomes available.

Sweet Hassle:

1. "Relay"
2. "Boys Are Back"
3. "Whatever You Want"
4. "Thirst"
5. "Rain Song"
6. "Why"
7. "Slowing Down/The Walk"
8. "Perfume"
9. "Dream"
10. "Easily Influenced"
11. "5d"