Ryan Adams Working on "Super Cool" New Album

Ryan Adams Working on 'Super Cool' New Album
When we think of Ryan Adams, "super cool" isn't exactly the first description that comes to mind - his past musical endeavours have included sad-sack country and slapstick metal, and he's also made forays into poetry. Now, in a new post on his Facebook page, Adams has revealed that he's hit studios in both New York and Los Angeles to work on new material and that "both sessions... sound super cool."

Explaining his enthusiasm for the project, Adams said, "I feel like there is even more." He speculated that his next solo album would be ready by next year, a relatively modest prediction considering his past tendency to release albums at a feverish pace.

There's no word on whether this new material includes the songs inspired by Ronnie James Dio's funeral.

The songwriter also revealed his plans to put out his previously unreleased albums, III/IV and Blackhole. He wrote, "They are almost out of the oven. You will have a chance to get them this fall. There will not be staggered pressings. Digital AND vinyl AND c.d... same way you get the rest of your music from bands... not limited copies."

Head over to Facebook to read more from Adams and check out his favourite albums of 2010. Click on the video below to watch the super-cool songwriter reading one of his poems.