RVNG Intl. Celebrates K. Leimer's Savant Output with New Comp

RVNG Intl. Celebrates K. Leimer's Savant Output with New Comp
Last year, RVNG Intl. helped shine a light on Pacific Northwest electronic pioneer (and Palace of Lights label boss) K. Leimer with the compilation A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975-1983). Now, the company is now exploring more of Leimer's back catalogue with another comp called Artificial Dance.

Rather than highlighting Leimer's solo music, all of the material here is credited to the early-'80s collaborative home-studio venture Savant. Contributors include Marc Barreca, John Foster, Roy Finch, Dennis Rea and members of the New Flamingos. The collection brings together the 1983 album The Neo-Realist (At Risk) and the 12-inch "Stationary Dance" / "Sensible Music," as well as some previously unreleased material.

A press release explains, "Savant would have no fixed line up and often musicians would be asked to play instruments far outside their forté. Leimer would however give loose rhythmic direction for the musicians to develop spontaneously against click-tracks. When the performance locked in with Leimer listening at the controls, he'd capture it to tape." Leimer would then sculpt the resulting experimental recordings and create the final product.

For a taste of Artificial Dance, scroll past the tracklist below to hear "Stationary Dance." The cover artwork for Artificial Dance is above.

The album will be out on September 4 on double-vinyl, CD and digital formats. It comes with extensive liner notes and interviews with the artists.

Artificial Dance:

1. Using Words
2. Indifference
3. The Neo-Realist
4. Shadow in Deceit
5. The Shining Hour
6. Knowledge and Action
7. Heart of Stillness
8. Stationary Dance
9. Sensible Music
10. Deceit in Passion
11. The Radio
12. Facility
13. Falling at Two Speeds
14. Fault Index