Rustie Gears Up for Debut LP on Warp Records

Rustie Gears Up for Debut LP on Warp Records
Following a couple of heralded EPs and remixes that helped usher in the modern age of UK bass music, Glasgow producer Rustie has announced his proper full-length debut, Glass Swords.

The follow-up to last year's Sunburst EP, Glass Swords marks his second offering for the iconic Warp imprint and further evolves Rustie's blend of distorted synth squelches and downtempo beat work. A press release points to the producer dabbling in "the cocaine-addled synthesizer washes and searing guitar tones of 1980s pop, the cash-infused bombast of new-millennium R&B, the pit-of-your-stomach ecstasy high of the most classic rave memories and the bloodshot scowl of white-hot pirate radio broadcasts," throughout his latest.

Watch the blinged-out trailer for the album, which scores a shot of glittery jewels with supremely wailing, overly processed guitar noodling atop twinkling, new age chimes. It's epic.

Glass Swords comes out as a double twelve-inch, CD and digital download October 11 in North America and a day earlier in the UK.

Glass Swords:

1. "Glass Swords"

2. "Flash Back"

3. "Surph"

4. "Hover Traps"

5. "City Star"

6. "Globes"

7. "Ultra Thizz"

8. "Death Mountain"

9. "Cry Flames"

10. "After Light"

11. "Ice Tunnels"

12. "All Nite"

13. "Crystal Echo"