"Runaway" Line Rings True: Kanye Did Reportedly Email Pictures of His Junk

'Runaway' Line Rings True: Kanye Did Reportedly Email Pictures of His Junk
Regardless of what they would have you believe, the majority of mainstream rappers hire ghostwriters to help them with their verses. While Kanye West has proven no different in the past, we know one line from his upcoming album that he wrote himself: on recent single "Runaway," Kanye says, "She find pictures in my email / I sent this girl a picture of my dick."

Now, Radar is reporting that some real-life photos of Ye's dick are about to leak to the Internet. The site reports, "The self-snapped pictures of the music icon, showing his private parts, were reportedly sent to a number of women, and are now for sale and being shopped to various media outlets."

 One image apparently features the rapper shot from the chest up, wearing nothing but sunglasses and a gold chain, while the other shows his junk "provocatively exposed from his boxer briefs." The source of the photos told Radar, "These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace... He probably sent them to many, many women."

In an interview with Vibe last year, Kanye said, "I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I'll pose naked. I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture."

Ye has yet to respond to the rumoured photos, but we're keeping a watchful eye on his Twitter account. Hopefully he doesn't threaten to cancel G.O.O.D. Friday again.