Run the Jewels Share 'Paw-cumentary' Film, Release Cat Merchandise

Run the Jewels Share 'Paw-cumentary' Film, Release Cat Merchandise
Wildly popular rap duo Run the Jewels recently delivered their kitty-themed Meow the Jewels LP, a reworking of their music made from cat samples. Packed with big-named producers, it was surely a fascinating experience behind the scenes. Now, you can dig a little deeper with a new film about the process.

The duo have just shared Meow the Jewels: A Short Paw-cumentary. The three-minute clip offers a decent amount of insight into the pair's creative process on this one-of-a-kind project.

If you need even more Meow the Jewels in your life, the pair have also loaded up their merch store with T-shirts alongside mousepads, cat bowls and other fun items. You can even buy a test pressing of the Meow the Jewels vinyl LP, though we're beginning to think you might have a bit of an obsession.

El-P and Killer Mike opened up about where the charity money raised by the LP will go. Fortunately, a great deal of it is set to be donated to the families of Michael Brown, Jr and Eric Garner, two victims of police brutality.

"For us, this is the essential function of MTJ," they wrote on Kickstarter. "Together we have pooled our resources and did something kind for people in need. We can't thank all the donors/Kickstarter funders enough for making that happen."

Watch Meow the Jewels: A Short Paw-cumentary below.