Run the Jewels "Squawk the Jewels" ('Colbert' sketch)

Run the Jewels 'Squawk the Jewels' ('Colbert' sketch)
Run the Jewels and Stephen Colbert had such a good time together the other night that they've apparently decided to become business partners! At least, that's the jokey angle a tweet from the Late Show host is taking, with Colbert noting  he's signed the group up "to a multi-album deal!" The first project out of the partnership is a no-brainer: Squawk the Jewels.

As you'll see in the comedy sketch below, El-P and Killer Mike are poking fun at their self-admittedly ridiculous Meow the Jewels project, and subbing cat samples for bird noises. Peep, for instance, the rooftop-performed "Blockbuster Night Part 1" that now features a straight-up terrifying beat made up of seagull cries. Fittingly, El-P is holding a stuffed bird during the run-through.

It turns out there's plenty more sample-based projects on the way too, including Fire at the Old Henderson Place the Jewels and a most meta Jewel (the Singer) the Jewels.

You can catch the comical RTJ overload down below.