Rubber Snake Ten Shepherds Lost

Rubber Snake are a three-piece from Toronto (via Windsor and Detroit) that has managed to make it to their third album without making too many waves. Their music takes some of the swagger from the likes of the Rolling Stones and then puts it through the blender with a bunch of more up to date influences to make something ordinary. And by ordinary I don't necessarily mean unpleasant. Like so many other bands, they have hooks and a decent singer but something is missing, which I can't quite put my finger on. The weakest part by far is the lyrics; for some reason, singer Joseph Janisse feels the absolute need for his words to rhyme at any cost, and that makes for some cringe worthy couplets that you really shouldn't expect from a band by the time they reach their third album. Still, if you don't listen too closely and simply take the music for what it's worth, Ten Shepherds Lost is a decent album for at least a few listens. It does lack the substance required to keep you coming back again and again, though, and maybe it's time for Rubber Snake to try something different. (Independent)