Royal Trux Announce Their First New Album in 17 Years

Royal Trux Announce Their First New Album in 17 Years
Royal Trux reunited and returned to the stage back in 2015, effectively ending a 14-year hiatus. Now, Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema have announced a new record from the project, marking their first album in a whopping 17 years.

Titled Platinum Tips and Ice Cream, the latest from the duo will arrive on June 16 through Drag City. It will mark Royal Trux first new album since 2000's Pound for Pound.

Twelve tracks in length, the record is said to "conjure the early feral spirit of the band devouring the sophisticated sound of the later years and coughing up a motherfucking hairball of sound!"

A press release reveals that Platinum Tips and Ice Cream was recorded in two days prior to the band's return to live performance, finished over two sessions in New York City and California.

The end result reportedly boasts "the actual experience and the rawness that could be felt and heard LIVE, to a finished form," complete with "the scabrous tone of Jennifer's vox" and "Neil's harsh, stinging guitar volleys."

Read through the tracklist below, and head over here to see Royal Trux upcoming live dates, which include some fast-approaching shows at SXSW.

Platinum Tips and Ice Cream:

1. Junkie Nurse
2. Sewers Of Mars
3. Red Tiger
4. Sometimes
5. Mercury
6. Esso Dame
7. Deafer Than Blind
8. Waterpark
9. Platinum Tips
10. The Banana Question
11. Blue Is The Frequency
12. Ice Cream