Royal Mountain Records Pledges Commitment to Anti-Racism Practices

"It is our responsibility to do better"
Royal Mountain Records Pledges Commitment to Anti-Racism Practices
Following participation in #TheShowMustBePaused earlier this week, Canadian label Royal Mountain Records has announced its pledge to continue evolving the ways the company addresses racial inequality and injustice through five new initiatives.

"The eight white people who work at Royal Mountain Records are in no place to say that we have any answers," the label wrote in a new statement. "Still, we believe that it is our responsibility to publicly acknowledge our complicity in a system that is deeply broken."

Royal Mountain continued to list five new initiatives it intends to implement in an attempt to address ongoing issues of racial inequality.

These measures include allocating funds to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood USA through record sales and regular donations; providing paid internship programs for IBPOC individuals "without regard for gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic"; promoting and supporting businesses owned by people of colour through social media; and "[digging] deeper, [researching] more and [listening] more to artists."

Earlier this week, the label "blacked-out" in solidarity with protestors across the world demonstrating against racism and police brutality.

"We're working on ways we can change to become more inclusive both in who we represent and in hiring practices," reads a statement from Monday (June 1).

See the label's new commitments below.