Rotting Hills "Humans Vile Path"

Rotting Hills 'Humans Vile Path'
Usually the words "drum circle" conjure up images of tie-dyed, peasant shirt sportin' hippies staking out a good chunk of your local park on a Sunday for an all-out love-in, but Vancouver metal outfit Rotting Hills have turned the percussive jam into a misery-minded affair. The group -- featuring former and current members of Baptists, You Say Party, Shit for Brains, Inhaler and Haggatha -- sport no less than five full drum kits wailing away on their monumental debut tune, "Humans Vile Path."

The 20-minute number starts up slowly, with Gordon Smith's doom-and-gloom guitar chords oozing atop the heavy-handed percussion work. At first, the drummers are synched up in a slow-mo haze of perfectly punctuated wallops, but around the time Smith burls things up with his below-baritone belching, the skinsmen get restless, imbuing the tune with wildly oppressive rolls and fills. The tune speeds up near the nine-minute mark for a classically minded guitar solo, but quickly brings things down for its extended molasses-drip coda.

Below, you can stream the distorted, hypnotic banger via the group's Bandcamp. Rotting Hills' next gig is November 26 at Vancouver's Astoria Hotel.