Roses "It's Over" (video)

Roses 'It's Over' (video)
Showing an appreciation for flowers of all kinds, newbie L.A. new wave crew Roses have unveiled a colourful outdoor performance clip supporting their Dreamlover cut "It's Over."

As previously reported, the track locks into a New Order-styled soft groove full of dew-glistening guitar bends, sparkle-coated synthwork and vocalist Marc Steinberg's Bernard Sumner-influenced croon. Directed by Cassandra Lee Hamilton, the video find the trio playing the tune in an open field using some hilarious over-sized mock instruments.

The video also finds a group of women enjoying the sunny day, sporting petal-heavy eyewear and cart-wheeling through the makeshift performance area. Though Steinberg calls out at one point "I fell hard, it's ok," the gymnastic move was pulled off perfectly.

Dreamlover drops August 5 through Group Tightener.