Roses "It's Over"

Roses 'It's Over'
Having taken leave from tropi-punks Abe Vigoda a while back, guitarist Juan Velazquez is now putting the focus on his new troupe, Roses. The trio's debut EP, Dreamlover is due August 5 through Group Tightener, but you can catch an early preview via a stream of "It's Over."

The track plays to vintage '80s and '90s sounds, from watery guitar effects to echo-laden drum machine beats. While the track already has a bit of a New Order flavour to it, singer/keyboardist Marc Steinberg also channels his inner Bernard Sumner as he softly castigates of his subject's self-involved lifestyle, "you have fallen in love with the sound of your voice."

You can check out the cutting but sonically calm new wave single down below.