The Rosebuds "Where the Freaks Hang Out" (video) / "Whisper" (video)

The Rosebuds 'Where the Freaks Hang Out' (video) / 'Whisper' (video)
Lots of bands are celebrating Halloween this year with spooky videos, and this includes the Rosebuds. They've unveiled not one but two Halloween music videos: "Where the Freaks Hang Out" and "Whisper."

"Where the Freaks Hang Out" is a spooky rocker with a clip that uses miniature handmade sets to excellent effect. It was inspired by the 1967 animated film Mad Monster Party? and features Jesse Tabish from Other Lives on organ and piano, Logan Matheny from Roman Candle on drums and Matt Douglas from the Hot at Nights on horns.

Speaking of Other Lives, they pop up in the clip for "Whisper," a folk-noir number than was inspired by the ghost stories that the Rosebuds' Ivan Howard heard while growing up. The accompanying clip was directed by Taylor Bolding and centres around a zombie on a killing spree who targets other Halloween creatures.

Watch the clips below. They songs are also available to purchase on iTunes.