The Rosebuds 'Love Deluxe' (Sade cover album)

The Rosebuds 'Love Deluxe' (Sade cover album)
Sade's 1992 album Love Deluxe turns 20 this week, and the Rosebuds have paid tribute to that influential album by covering it in full and posting the results to their Bandcamp page.

This is the Rosebuds' first full-length release since last year's Loud Planes Fly Low. It was made by Rosebuds co-founder Ivan Howard and, judging by a statement from his bandmate/ex-wife Kelly Crisp, his longtime collaborator played little to no part in its creation. She explained:

He'd gone to the beach to enjoy the off-season isolation, to surf, and to work on some new Rosebuds demos we have. I was delighted when he came back to Brooklyn and presented me with his own fully-tracked version of Love Deluxe. Its only elements are the instruments Ivan drove down with, and the friends who stopped by to contribute — Rob Lackey, drums; Matt Douglas, Saxophone; Jonathan Yu, keyboards. We set about mixing it right away.

Get it for free below.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.