Rorschach '1989 Demo Tape'

Rorschach '1989 Demo Tape'
No new material has come out of metal-minded New Jersey hardcore crew Rorschach since they started sporadically playing shows again in 2009, but a holy grail has now been uncovered via an upload of the group's 1989 demo.

MP3s from the tape surfaced late last night (May 31) on the blog of New York concert promoter Mike Bullshit (aka Mike Bromberg), who was given a practice tape by the band to help get them a show at the city's infamous ABC-No-Rio venue. Apparently it worked, as it helped them land a gig with Ted Leo's Citizen Arrest in 1990.

While the tape is book-ended by two tracks that later appeared on the group's debut LP Remain Sedate ("Checkmate" and "Exist"), it also features previously unheard tracks "Jury of One," "What's Important" and "Sidestep." Fans may note that some of the riffs may have been reworked into later songs, with the opening blast of "Sidestep" sounding suspiciously like that of "My Mind's In a Vice."

"No one besides me has heard this tape, which is a shame," Bullshit wrote, though he's rectified the problem by uploading the tape for us all. The band co-signed the move on their Facebook page.

While they're a little rough sounding, you can download them all over here.