The Roots' Questlove Writing a Book, Mommy, What's a Questlove?

The Roots' Questlove Writing a Book, <i>Mommy, What's a Questlove?</i>
To say the Roots are having a busy 2010 would be an understatement: not only have they been serving as Jimmy Fallon's house band on Late Night, they released an album of their own as well as lent their talents to John Legend and Booker T. Drummer Questlove has also hinted that he has a collaboration with Mos Def and Amy Winehouse in the works. Still, he's somehow found time to take on yet another new project: a book.

According to okayplayer, the book will combine "music factoids with real life stories, celebrity encounters, and thoughts on life written in his signature stream-of-consciousness style."

The book is slated to come out via Grand Central Publishing, and the working title is Mommy, What's a Questlove?. This is likely a reference to the song "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?," which is the first track on Funkadelic's self-titled album from 1970.

The deadline for the book is said to be a ways off, but this gives us all something to look forward to. Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the heads up.