Ronnie Radke "Blacklist" (ft. B. Lay)

Ronnie Radke 'Blacklist' (ft. B. Lay)
Ronnie Radke injected metalcore crew Falling in Reverse's recent Fashionably Late LP with head-scratching rap rhymes and will apparently go in an even more hip-hop direction on an upcoming mixtape. Details behind the as-yet-untitled set have yet to arrive, but Radke has unveiled a new single called "Blacklist."

The track has Radke bragging that his initials actually stand for "rapping and rocking," labelling himself a misunderstood outcast in America and singing that we should "'member beyond the mask there is a man." Rapper B. Lay, with whom Radke also teamed up with recently on a track called "I Wash Cars," chimes in a few times with some gruffly spat wordplay.

You can check out the synth-streaming pop-rap cut down below.