ROMES "One Dance" (Drake cover)

ROMES 'One Dance' (Drake cover)
Toronto unit ROMES dropped their debut EP Believe earlier this year, but they're mixing things up a bit with a cover of another artist from the Six — the god who coined that term himself. ROMES have put their own spin on the summer '16 smash "One Dance" from none other than Drake.
"Being a Toronto-based band, we've always had a soft spot for Drake, so we wanted to create a version of 'One Dance' that stayed true to our sound," the band tell Exclaim! "We flipped the dancehall original on its head; slowing it down and adding some grimey synths to the mix."
The cover showcases the group's unique and wide-ranging set of musical influences, taking elements from indie rock, electro-pop and R&B, and adding a bit of each into the new rendition.
And while it offers a different vibe than its ubiquitous original, the band assure: "We still want it to pack the dance floors."
You can put that theory to the test by giving ROMES' "One Dance" a spin in the player below.