The Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" (alternate take ft. Eric Clapton)

The Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar' (alternate take ft. Eric Clapton)
Tired of drinking your Pepsi to the same damn version of the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" you've been listening to since the early '70s? Well, the band's upcoming deluxe edition Sticky Fingers features an alternate take with Eric Clapton on guitar, and you don't even have to wait until the release drops to hear it. An audio stream has just gone online.

The track plays similar to what you're familiar with, though you'll likely notice that the arrangement is now full of hand claps instead of shakers, and that string-scraping slide guitar work is also in the mix. Mick Jagger annunciates the chorus a bit differently, while the famous sax solo is now followed by a bend-heavy guitar solo. The song's uncomfortable and ultimately regrettable slave narrative remains intact.

The Sticky Fingers re-release arrives June 9 via Universal Music.