Rock'n'Roll's 10 Most Memorable Band Name Disputes

Rock'n'Roll's 10 Most Memorable Band Name Disputes
3. Hunter vs. Cunter

Hunter is a bit of a plain name, so we're not entirely surprised that this Alexisonfire/Moneen spinoff discovered that it was already taken. They were forced to change it, and in true hardcore punk style, rechristened themselves with the hilariously NSFW handle Cunter. As the band's bassist Kenny Bridges told Exclaim!, "If we have to change our name, let's just fucking freak people out and make some people pissed off." Mission accomplished.

2. Manitoba vs. Caribou

Maybe we're biased, but we've got to side with Dan Snaith on this one. The Canadian electronic musician originally went by the moniker Manitoba, but was forced to change it by Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba (aka Richard Blum) of the Dictators. As Snaith himself commented, "It's like the Smiths suing John Smith or something." Regardless of the annoying and, in our opinion, completely unnecessary name change, Snaith went on to achieve even greater success under the name Caribou. Take that, Handsome Dick.

1. Galaxie 500 vs. Galaxie

Seriously? Had Montreal rocker Olivier Langevin really never heard of the iconic slowcore act fronted by Dean Wareham when he tried to call his band Galaxie 500? When Exclaim! asked Wareham about the similarity in a 2007 interview, he said, "We're aware of that. They have been sent a letter from a lawyer telling them to stop. It's incredible to me that they haven't changed their name yet. All you've got to do these days is Google a band name and see that the name is taken." Of course, in the case of Galaxie 500, you could probably just walk into any indie record store in the country and flip through the shelves. The Montreal band eventually shortened their name to Galaxie and earned a shortlist nomination for last year's Polaris Music Prize, but we still haven't stopped snickering about the sheer ridiculousness of trying to get away with calling the band Galaxie 500.