Rockie Fresh "The Warnings" (video)

Rockie Fresh 'The Warnings' (video)
Rockie Fresh is a few hours away from issuing his new mixtape Electric Highway, but the Chicago rapper is still trying to edge in a little more pre-release promotion before the freelease officially drops: a simple and efficient vid for new track "The Warnings."

While the artwork for the mixtape features Fresh seated in a car with a flashing neon backdrop rippling by (no doubt a continuation of Driving 88's Back to the Future theme), this video is a little drab. Fresh mostly delivers his lines while standing around an empty parking garage.

Though the rapper appears to be whip-less, he spits bars about charting a new route in life and talks about his ever-increasing bank account. We're guessing that means the Benjamins you see stacking up throughout the vid are going towards a down payment on a new set of wheels.