RockFour Another Beginning

RockFour are a foursome from Tel Aviv, Israel, that makes some truly mind-expanding pop music. Another Beginning is their debut album and it has the strong smell of the Byrds, the Zombies, the Creation and the Beatles all over it. The band is obviously akin to the ’60s psychedelic pop/folk scene, for they pull it off impeccably. The guitars are tuned nicely to mimic Pete Townshend, Roger McGuinn and Roky Erickson, shifting from jangle-y to fuzz to freak-out. Eli Lulai adopts the perfect singing voice, matching every harmony necessary to make this music sound 30 years old. The songs are all nicely crafted and sculpted, maintaining a constant blend of sonic experimentation and sweet melody. Another Beginning is not your poor man’s imitation of the ’60s, however. RockFour’s music sounds real, genuine and is everything you could want in a modern day band that models itself after another era. (Rainbow Quartz)