Rockers: 25th Anniversary Edition

The 25 the anniversary edition of Rockers sets everything right. It features a great transfer of the film underscored by a 5.1 Surround master of the music. Rockers is a classic slice of Jamaiciana, an amalgam of The Bicycle Thief and Robin Hood set to the late '70s reggae style that gives the film its name. Drummer Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace stars as a deliveryman whose motorcycle has been stolen. His efforts to get it back draw a band of merry men together. A good percentage of the best late '70s reggae artists have both acting and musical roles, including Burning Spear, Jacob Miller and Gregory Isaacs. It's the ensemble work of these musicians that differentiates Rockers from The Harder They Come, which hinged on Jimmy Cliff's star turn. The bonus features also elevate the disc, with solid biographies of all the important musicians and actors. Plus: director's commentary, interviews with director and producer, trailers, videos, rasta patois glossary. (MVD)