Rock Band 3 On the Way This Christmas

<i>Rock Band 3</i> On the Way This Christmas
Get set to dust off those plastic instruments: MTV Games and Harmonix have announced that Rock Band 3 is heading our way.

The message came via the game's official Facebook page, saying the next instalment in the series is due out this holiday season and is set to "innovate and revolutionise the music genre once again."

At this point, few other details are known about the game, but Billboard has thrown out a few predictions based on past comments. For example, Rock Band 3 likely won't make you dish out any more extra cash for new instruments, with companies hinting the market is already saturated.

Also, Rock Band 3 may try to incorporate new motion-capture technology and motion-based controllers, due out on both Playstation 3 and Xbox later this year. (Perhaps some well-placed windmill action will let you save a fallen band-mate?) And, of course, Rock Band 3 may utilize the Rock Band Network, which launched earlier this month. As previously reported, the network lets any artist create and submit their own songs for the game without going through some big, complicated licensing deal.

News of Rock Band 3 comes at a critical moment for the music videogame industry, with sales taking a major nosedive in 2009 despite new additions such as the poor-performing DJ Hero and The Beatles: Rock Band.

Already, a Jimi Hendrix Rock Band game is due out later this year (and may somehow be incorporated into Rock Band 3), as well as a new Green Day version.