Robots And Empire Omnivore

Committed to tape at Atomic Recording, the thickest of New York hardcore’s woods, Omnivore initially appears as though it should be throwing down and pickin’ up change. However, the High On Fire-meets-Melvins attack here is refreshingly strange territory from musicians clearly brought up on Madball and Sick Of It All. In fact, their background lends itself incredibly well to this sonic departure. The sludgy doom of Omnivore is meted out with a ferocity and rigidity that intensifies their already weighty overdrive. Churning up the mixture even more, the structure of Hot Water Music rears its ugly head at points via unmistakable songwriting arrangements, and the dynamic sensibilities of At The Drive-In infuse an emotional side to songs such as "Spider Mites” and "The Midst Of This.” Similarly, bridges clearly culled from a new appreciation for metallic scientists Mastodon add in ballsy thunder and technical flash that justify the album title. (Trip Machine Laboratories)