Robots And Empire Color Touches

Talk about your double takes. Robots And Empire's four-song journey, Color Touches, may be the band's most accomplished release to date, folding elements of late Faith No More and Cave In into straightforward post-punk beats and gracing the whole affair with a strange amalgam of laidback vocals At The Drive-In may have been able to accomplish had they not been so aggressive. That's all fine and dandy but holy shit is it a drastic departure from previous effort Omnivore. Where that album welcomed the heaviness and brutality of New York hardcore, these songs sway 180 degrees in the opposite direction. It takes time to warm up to Color Touches but once in, the infectious nature of these tracks takes hold. Still, one almost wonders if something happened at the pressing plant and this isn't Robots And Empire but a bastardized Smalls reissue instead. (Trip Machine Laboratories)