Robin Pecknold "Olivia, in a Separate Bed"

Robin Pecknold 'Olivia, in a Separate Bed'
There's been a lot of buzz going on outside of Seattle folkies Fleet Foxes' regular duties, from the Poor Moon project to now-ex drummer J. Tillman's Father John Misty album, and now band leader Robin Pecknold has delivered a new solo song of his own.

The soft-voiced Seattle phenom dropped new tune "Olivia, in a Separate Bed" last night (February 22) through Fleet Foxes' Facebook page, announcing simply, "Here's a demo of a new solo song. Thanks for listening."

Made up of sparse strums and lyrics about the crumbling of a relationship, Pecknold admits that he wrote the song in "sadsack mode." Lyrically, it jumps from discussing the split, to finding comfort in the beds of strangers, to feeling needy or wistful. "Oh, Olivia, I still love you and I know I will till I die," he sings with a sigh. It's a heartbreaker, and you can stream it down below.