Rob Lamothe Long Lazy Curver

Hamilton, ON native Lamothe has had a long and varied career, although he remains more of an industry name within Canada, having co-written several hits for others in recent years. Long Lazy Curve has the potential to bring him a wider audience, as its 12 tracks beautifully showcase his strong country soul voice and dramatic knack for storytelling. While the production may be a tad slick for some, it’s only because Lamothe has enlisted some top guns to help out, including guitarists Colin Cripps, Les Cooper and guest vocalist Lynn Miles. Lamothe’s lengthy experience as a songwriter is obvious, as each track sounds effortlessly put together, with infectious melodies and catchy choruses abounding. If there is any fault to be found on Long Lazy Curve, it may be that Lamothe executes a little too well, to the point where the album almost sounds like a commercial-free AC station. However, that’s no reason to criticise someone for showing off skills that most songwriters dream of possessing. "Good Enough for Me” and "Broke Down Train” have a particular swagger that would serve them well on radio, but the intimate "Goodbye Calgary” and "No Wonder” show Lamothe at his most sincere. Hopefully, this album will be the breakthrough Lamothe deserves. (Cargo)