Roads To Space Travel Ballad/Jazz/Waltz

Likewise, Baltimore's Roads to Space Travel's sophomore effort offers a similarly twisted approach to pop music in a more straight-forward power trio format. With enough time signature variations to confuse a calculus major, RTST infuse their music with yelping vocals lines as well as some horns and piano just to keep things interesting. They have previously cited Rush and Devo as major influences and it certainly shows here. A song like "Birds in Trees" sounds like a demonic waltz through a beach blanket bingo party while the syncopated dance rhythms of "The Reference and Hurry Up" help demonstrate how strange things get on this record. It would have been near impossible to outdo the weirded-out space rock freshness of their debut, but somehow they've managed to reach even deeper into their bag of tricks to do just that. (Amish)