Rivers Cuomo Opens Up About Weezer's Hurley

Rivers Cuomo Opens Up About Weezer's <i>Hurley</i>
We only just heard about Weezer's new album Hurley, but already Weezer front-dude Rivers Cuomo opened up about what we can expect from the new record, which will be coming out on September 14 via Epitaph.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Cuomo revealed that the album is already recorded, and mixing will be done in the next week or two. It features cameos from Ryan Adams, as well as veteran songwriter Mac Davis who wrote Elvis's "In the Ghetto." Cuomo said that the latter collaboration resulted in "Time Flies," a "classic '60s pop song with huge crunchy guitars."

This '60s vibe apparently carries throughout the album, which includes a song called "Hang On" that "sounds like Frankie Valli but mixed with Metallica guitars." Another new track is called "Smart Girls," and was written about the women who proposition Cuomo on Twitter. He compared the song to the Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R." in that it is a "cheesy Beach Boys type of song." ("Well, the Twitter girls really knock me out"?)

This is a significantly different description than that which Cuomo offered a few weeks ago, when he called the album a "raw rock" album.

As for Weezer's recent signing to Epitaph, the songwriter said, "At this moment in our career, it feels like we don't need a major label, and the major label culture isn't in line with our values. We like [Epitaph head/Bad Religion guitarist] Brett Gurewitz and it feels like a smaller and more appropriate operation for what we like doing at the moment."

Of course, Epitaph is hardly a small operation, having released the Offspring's Smash - reportedly the top-selling indie album ever. Then again, Weezer were signed to Geffen for 16 years, so these things are all relative.