R.I.P. Gong Founder Daevid Allen

R.I.P. Gong Founder Daevid Allen
Daevid Allen, the Australian psych musician known for his work with Soft Machine and Gong, has lost his battle with cancer. The artist's son confirmed the news today (March 13) in a Facebook post [via the Guardian]. Allen was 77 years old.

"And so dada Ali, bert camembert, the dingo Virgin, divided alien and his other 12 selves prepare to pass up the oily way and back to the planet of love. And I rejoice and give thanks," Orlando Monday Allen wrote of his father.

He added: "The gong vibration will forever sound and its vibration will always lift and enhance. You have left such a beautiful legacy and we will make sure it forever shines in our children and their children. Now is the happiest time of yr life. Blessed be."

The news comes just over a month after Allen had revealed in a statement that cancer had spread throughout his body, and that he only had six months to live. While he had previously undergone surgery to remove cancer from his neck, the disease had spread to his lungs.

He noted last month that he was "not interested in endless surgical operations," adding that "the time has come to stop resisting and denying and to surrender to the way it is."

Allen had been born in Australia in 1938, but moved to the UK in 1961. He helped form Soft Machine in 1966, but would leave the band when visa issues prevented him from returning to the UK following a tour. He then started Gong in Paris.

Allen would go on to produce the Radio Gnome Trilogy (1973's Flying Teapot and Angel's Egg, and 1974's You) with Gong before leaving the band, but he rejoined in 1991. Gong issued their I See You LP in 2014, but Allen's illness prevented him from touring with the rest of the band.