Ringo Starr Says "No More Fan Mail"

Ringo Starr Says 'No More Fan Mail'
Mark October 20 on your calendar, Ringo fans: this will be the last day the former Beatle will sign any memorabilia or reply to fan mail — ever. "Please do not send fan mail to any address you have," the 68-year-old Starr says in a new YouTube video. "Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it's gonna be tossed... I have too much to do.”

Though he once appeared on The Simpsons telling his butler that "he insists on responding to every single piece of fan mail," the man also known as Richard Starkey appeared dressed in black, donning some dark shades, to say this is no joke, it’s "a serious message to everybody watching." He then urged fans to send "no more fan mail and no objects to be signed. Nothing." However, his message does come with warnings of "peace and love, peace and love.”

In the video, Starr made no mention if this is in any way connected to his recent beheading, whereby vandals recently lopped off the noggin of a Ringo sculpture in Liverpool. The vicious act followed Starr’s comments on the BBC that he missed nothing about the city, leading to crime and supposed Internet "tirades” against him.

So, if you were been planning to get Ringo to sign Grandma’s copy of Ringo Rama for Christmas, you better get to the post office quick, because soon there will be no more autographs for you.

"A serious message” from Ringo Starr