Rigor Rigor vs. the Rest

Experimental Canadian hip-hop group Rigor step in the arena with a lo-fi album that’s slow to start and takes a few listens to appreciate, but is worth the challenge. The too-long intro is only worth one listen (at best) and the weak beat of follow-up track "I’ll Keel Ya” isn’t the best way to introduce the unorthodox flows of the trio of rappers. Next, "Bad Cop” may sound sloppy at times, but it has one of the album’s best beats and is where the album should start. From there, Rigor vs the Rest tends to stay pretty interesting. Highlights include the Hawaiian sounds of "Luau,” the sampled chorus of "Flesh Coloured Christ,” the background harmonising on "Pussy,” and pretty much all of "Ohrworm” and "Lady Po.” Frankly, Rigor vs the Rest is like a dirty fungus that grows on you. (108)