Righteous Jams Business As Usual

As with Agnostic Front and Sick of it All before them, it looks as though it’s time for new hardcore outfit Righteous Jams to slow down a bit and realise that groove actually plays an instrumental role in the production of enduring music. Business As Usual finds the band doing anything but, thanks to songs such as "Instinct And Music” and "Thought Vacation,” which feel so close to something SOIA would have thrown on Scratch The Surface that it’s almost plagiarism. Well, paraphrasing at least. Dropping some of their hyperactivity, this album comes across with decided confidence, grit and aggression but with the sensibility of a Sensei instead of an overeager pupil. The end are songs that aren’t as skate punk as in the past, realising an attack akin to a laidback Zeke with the raspy vocals, moderate Motörhead groove influence and straight-up rock’n’roll riffs. At points, the band could step back into their frenzied attack and put a bit more fire into things but overall, another wicked band with a bad name nails it. Factor in some truly stellar production values (hey, we’re talking garage-based hardcore here), a fucking wah-wah solo that fits and all one can do is hope that this new punk rock’n’roll/hardcore twist becomes business as usual for Righteous Jams. (Abacus)