Richy Pitch Live At Home

With recent production work on albums by J-Live and the Unspoken Heard, Richy Pitch's name has begun to appear on a few Seven Heads label projects. With this EP, he gets to put out a release by himself, featuring MCs affiliated with the label. Despite its brevity, this EP manages to weave a concept of "a day in the life of an MC" across Pitch's jazzy tracks. The title of the EP is taken quite literally, with El Da Sensai getting his kid ready to catch the school bus, "Live At Home (Remix)," along with Apani B. Fly trying to find a misplaced sneaker, and are indicative instances of the refreshingly down to earth material that is also provided by J-Live, Mr.Complex and Asheru. In between, Pitch reveals an affinity for obscure voice samples and offbeat humour in eclectic instrumental interludes that draw on sounds that evoke '70s game show themes ("Record Lovers"), hippie ditties ("The Bed") and features turntablism by notable UK spin doctors like Mr. Thing. While his name may be new on these shores, and his UK rep hinges on his monthly Scratch hip-hop party, this short but sweet EP indicates a promising future for Ritchy Pitch crafting instantly appealing beats. (Seven Heads)