Richie Hawtin Returns with New Release 'Time Warps'

Stream his first proper solo release since 1999
Richie Hawtin Returns with New Release 'Time Warps'
Esteemed Canadian electronic vet Richie Hawtin is back with his first solo EP since 1999. Called Time Warps, the new two-track 12-inch is out now via his Plus 8 sub-label From Our Minds.

As a press release explains, Time Warps is Hawtin's first dancefloor focused EP since Minus Orange in 1999." Despite being made up of just two tracks — "Time Warps" and "Time Stands Still" — the 12-inch offers up more than 30 minutes of new music.

You can hear Time Warps below, while the vinyl release will arrive on December 4.

The physical release will be produced by Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant in the Netherlands and is made from 100 percent recycled material.

"After 30 years in the music industry and with the state of the planet, I believe we need to consider the environmental impact of petroleum-based music formats," Hawtin said in a statement. "I'm still committed to releasing a limited-edition vinyl for those who choose to enjoy their music using this format; however, I believe that our community needs to be more sensitive with their vinyl strategy."

In addition to the audio stream, you can check out a video for "Time Warps" below as well, made by Hawtin and longtime collaborator Barbara Klein.