Richie Hawtin Collects Work as F.U.S.E. for Anniversary Box Set

The package will feature previously unreleased album 'Computer Space' alongside 'Dimension Intrusion' and 'Train-Tracs'
Richie Hawtin Collects Work as F.U.S.E. for Anniversary Box Set
Prior to recording under his birth name, Richie Hawtin released music under the moniker F.U.S.E. Now, the English-Canadian producer/DJ is set to revisit said material with an anniversary vinyl box set.

Hawtin will deliver the Dimensions box set April 15 through his own Plus 8 Records/The Vinyl Factory.

The box collects remastered, expanded 25th anniversary editions of his 1993 album Dimension Intrusion and remix EP Train-Tracs, in addition to the previously unreleased album Computer Space, which was recorded during the same sessions. Each album will arrive on 180-gram white vinyl.

The set will also feature three signed prints of the original F.U.S.E. album covers, designed by Hawtin's brother Matthew. You can find a teaser trailer for the release following the digital edition tracklists below.

Dimensions is available for pre-order here.

Dimension Intrusion:

1. A New Day
2. F.U.
3. Slac
4. Dimension Intrusion
5. Substance Abuse
6. Downbeat (Unreleased)
7. AnotherTime (Revisited)
8. Theychx
9. Time Stop (Unreleased)
10. UVA
11. Mantrax
12. Nitedrive
13. Into The Space
14. Logikal Nonsense


1. Train-trac.1
2. Train-abuse
3. Drum-trac.2
4. Kaboose
5. Last-trac
6. The Day After (MV's Mix)

Computer Space:

1. Computer Space
2. Runner
3. Sanctuary
4. Last Day
5. Computer Space Album Mix