Richard Lann Can't Retrieve Chat History

Damn you and your teasing ways, Richard Lann. The Halifax, NS native, photographer and Quiet Parade drummer has released a string of records, EPs and seven-inches over the past five years, mostly adhering to an acoustic bedroom aesthetic. And while he created some memorable recordings, he's really stepped out and upped the anti with this latest EP. Teaming with Sleepless Nights' main-man AA Wallace, he's created a very short but effective collection of electro pop numbers that bridge the gap between the Microphones and the Postal Service. Of the record's five tracks, only two clock in longer than a minute-and-a-half. But those two are absolute highlights. Opener "Henry's House" sets the tone after an acoustic fake-out starts the track, while "Pants Under Skirt" is a paean to girls who wear just that. Hopefully this EP is just a hint of a coming full-length rather than a brief diversion. (Independent)