Richard Kelly Sheds More Light on Arcade Fire's The Box Soundtrack, Says to Expect Release "At Some Point"

Richard Kelly Sheds More Light on Arcade Fire's <i>The Box</i> Soundtrack, Says to Expect Release 'At Some Point'
In case you haven't noticed, we've been pretty excited about the Arcade Fire's massive 80-minute soundtrack to director Richard Kelly's The Box for quite some time. It should be no surprise, then, that it came as a bit of a disappointment when Kelly revealed via Twitter that we might not be hearing the full score anytime soon.

Kelly began the set of tweets by saying, "I want to clarify a few things about The Box score by Win Butler, Regine Chassagne and Owen Pallett," before adding that the musicians were hard at work on the new Arcade Fire full-length, and would release the score "at some point when it does not conflict with their album release schedule for their record label."

Tellingly, Kelly made it seem like the band's prominent role in his film was a ploy to get movie-goers lining up for the film, saying, "We all hope that their fans will discover the score the old-fashioned way: sitting in a dark movie theater on 11/6/09."

He then told us what we already knew - that a clip of their soundtrack is streaming on The Box's official site. In other words, you're left with two options if you want to hear this score. Either see The Box when it opens in early November, or wait for Arcade Fire's release schedule to calm down a little so the recordings can stand on their own.

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