Rhyme Mutilator 21st Century

Rhyme Mutilator has kept it on the down low since the night his mic split in half on his 1996 debut twelve-inch, where he introduced his sci-fi obsessed braggadocio through "freestyle interactive sessions.” Well, time is finally catching up to Rhyme Mutilator and he’s here to welcome us to the 21st century with a new seven-inch. Rhyme Mutilator is ready to delete "discarded Atari 2600 MCs” while "standing in his technologically advanced b-boy stance.” It’s battle raps on a galactic scale, and "R2D2’s no match.” With "21st Century,” Rhyme Mutilator is at his tightest, and some of the thanks must go to the Master Cylinder for his urgent, if somewhat repetitive, musical backdrop that has some great added touches, especially the very subtle cymbal. Plus, it might be the hardest beat Rhyme Mutilator has yet to rock. These two need to put more work in together. Unfortunately, "21st Century” is the only song on the seven-inch, but the instrumental is included to help keep the advanced cypher flowing. Is the world ready for its rap Galacticus? (Strong Sound)