RF Falls

To describe Falls as a well-realised mix of processed beats, ambience, vocals, acoustic guitars and full-bodied string arrangements is generic. Ryan Francesconi’s second disc has more personality than that. A key aspect by which to appreciate this disc is his thorough understanding of the balance between ambience and structure. Elements aren’t rushed, and Francesconi knows not just how to process his voice and guitar, but how to use the right kind of processing to mesh with other aspects in a song or to tease interesting sonic characteristics out of software processing. Nothing is ever tweaked for the sake of tweakage; his use of several minutes of a rainfall sample in track 13 gradually builds into a majestic rhythm, slyly introduced. His songs are simple and slow moving but do get down from time to time as in track four. This isn't dissonant glitchiness in the slightest. The major keys of the songs and the soothing, if disembodied, female vocals (like Stereolab in a quiet mood?) provide a sense of calm. Let’s not go overboard and get into "moments of aching beauty" hyperbole, but Falls is very inviting and engrossing. It requires repeated listening to fully appreciate the care put into each song. This would be great on a cloudy morning at the cottage. (Odd Shaped Case)